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Content Intelligence

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6 Steps to Content-Driven Marketing Success

Automation combined with Content Intelligence is Swomi 3.0.



All versions of the content-driven pipeline starts with awareness, since you can’t do anything until consumers become aware of your idea, brand, product or services.



Recommendation agents help visitors discover ideas, brands, products or services. Amazon is probably the king with recommendations for other books viewed by people who bought the book you’re viewing.



Consumers are 75% of the way to making their decision to buy your brand BEFORE they ever visit your store or see your website or app.



Make the sale. Take as many clicks out of the selling process as possible and only ask for critical information to complete the transaction. Once someone is ready to buy — close the deal.



Some customers don’t really want a relationship with you. They just want you to deliver the idea, brand, product or service. Just deliver my purchase and disappear.



You obviously want to retain existing customers since it’s 5x more expensive to replace a customer who leaves your digital marketing funnel.

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Automation means you have more time to build your idea, brand, product or service and Enjoy Life!

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Expose & Discover

Digital content for creating awareness to harnesses the power of word-of-mouth, more effective than traditional advertising.

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Consider & Convert

Like any great salesperson, don’t leave without getting referrals. Ask them to share their purchases on social media.

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Relationship & Retention

Relationships rely on each party getting value. If you’re customer isn’t getting value, then it isn’t a relationship they want.


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