Meet The Team

We might be strangers from the beginning but when we are here, we become a family. A big family of different people with different stories. We work, laugh, live under the same roof.

Who we are

Swomi is Mobile + Globile... and so is our Team! TeamSWOMI is in all corners of the world, from Sweden to New York. While we're not out and about, you can find our roots in Seattle, home to our Corporate Headquarters.

What we do

We help people make extra money from their Online Activities. By providing people the tools previously available only to giant digital corporations, we level the playing field for the everyday person to benefit from their Online Content.

Why we do it

Your Words Have Worth and we're showing the world how that is possible through Online Content.

Dewey Hall

Lien Anthony


Dewey Hall

Kim Poon


Dewey Hall

Robyn Faye


Get in touch with us

  • Swomi Group International, Ltd.
    701 5th Avenue, Suite 4200
    Seattle, WA, 98104.
  • 206-388-3680