Communities Guidelines

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019

Swomi requires a few basic things from you after you subscribe, then select a category or theme you would like to promote for your idea, brand or passion. Please follow the guidelines below so all can benefit from your participation.

NOTE: A category or theme chosen with Swomi curated content meets the guidelines outlined below without further processing or moderation.

Enhance your SwomiBUZZ Flyer: Think of your SwomiBUZZ Flyer as your profile, showcasing links to all of your content in one place. Your content page should mirror how you want your Idea, Brand or Passion to be seen by others, so include content that will impress your viewers.

Promote!: Sharing your content is always valuable including on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It allows others to see the new way to to grow your audience and increase your potential for more views!

Sale Of Unregulated Goods: Private selling or buying of regulated goods like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, guns, or the sale of products from endangered species are prohibited. Regulated goods are products that can cause harm people when used incorrectly. We reserve the right to suspend the account owner if this happens.

Members Are Responsible For Content Published On SwomiBUZZ Flyer: Swomi is a platform for all types of Users. The views and opinions expressed in content are those of the creators and do not necessarily reflect upon Swomi. We do not publish content concerning race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity that fall on an extreme viewpoint, but some content may contain beliefs or information you may not agree with. To report content, please contact us at

Social With Users: The social or network section of your Swomi content app will tell you everything you need to know about you fellow Swomites. Their names, bios, likes, social and advice they wish to share :)

Do Your Research: It is always a good idea to approach everything you read online with a bit of skepticism.

Support The Member’s You Trust: Content that you find suspicious can be reported. Content that is trustworthy, enjoyable and fun should be rewarded. Positive feedback will only encourage more high quality, reliable content.

Be Open And Responsive: We strive to be a network of respected users and that’s something we can all be proud of.

Be Honest And Ethical: Being honest and straightforward will ensure your viewers’ trust like avoiding attempts to inflate facts.

Vet Anything You Promote: Only make recommendations for things that you have tried yourself. Make sure that any links you’re including aren’t scammy, dangerous, or misleading.

Sensitive Information on Swomi: Anything you publish in your SwomiBUZZ Flyer is visible (and searchable) by the public on the internet. Refrain from posting personal information like street addresses, bank account information, or other sensitive materials.

Soliciting: Do not publish any content that promotes or advertises sexual or escort services.


Plagiarized Content: Do not pass off someone else’s work as your own.

Previously Published Content: We are looking for unique, original content.

Quality Errors: Professionalism of your content is important. If there are issues with grammar, punctuation, quality, incorrect facts, or focus you edit your own work. We can provide curated content.

Featured Images: We don’t accept any images with watermarks, or that are pixelated, grainy, or blurry. We may remove if published publicly through our platform.

Inappropriate material: Information about others should only be shared publicly with their consent. Never give out personal information of others such as addresses, last names, and particularly personal information in your content that is not already accessible to the public as it will be removed by moderators. This includes images or videos of others without their knowledge and consent.

Violence: Content promoting violent behaviors or threats towards others are not published on Swomi’s network including threats of committing violence, harassment, or hate crimes. This includes hate speech, slurs, or showing support for violent acts.

Terrorism: We won’t publish anything that encourages, incites, or shows support any form of terrorist or supremacist groups, individuals, or actions.

Self Harm: Anything promoting, encouraging or romanticizes any form of self harm. This includes self mutilation, disordered eating behaviors, suicidal or self harming ideation or discouraging people from seeking professional help for these kinds of thoughts.

Nudity: Swomi accepts non-nude erotic or suggestive images without frontal nudity including fine art.

Confessions: Swomi does not publish content that serves as an admission of guilt to a crime including for which the User has not been charged.

Erotica: Erotica implicating a minor or involving extreme taboo violence will not be accepted.

Deceptive Content: Undisclosed affiliate links and other fraudulent content including hyperlinks that are misleading where they lead, or that link to ads interstitial, pop up, or otherwise should not be included in your content.


Underage Members: You must be at least 13 years of age to create an account with Swomi. Any accounts created by a user under the age of 13 will be terminated, and we encourage parents of children under this age to notify us if they become aware of such activity.

Previously Disabled Accounts: If we’ve disabled an account of yours for suspicious or malicious activity attempts to create another account without permission may result in the deactivation of the subsequent accounts as well.

Sharing Login Information: Don’t share any of your login information with others. Choose a unique password for your Swomi account, and don’t share it with others once it’s been created. This will keep your information and your content safely in your hands.

Impersonation And Parody: Don’t lead others to believe that you’re actually someone else. We reserve the right to reclaim any usernames on behalf of individuals, products, or institutions.

Protection Against Phishing and Account Scams: Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails pretending to be from reputable businesses to get you to reveal personal information, such as social security numbers and credit card numbers. Swomi will never ask you for full banking information or identifying materials like your passwords or SSN. If you think you’ve been the victim of phishing by association with Swomi, please reach out to Swomi uses Stripe and does not hold your credit card information. We value our members and their security.


Scraping Or Data Mining: Users who collect content or user information to exploit and any attempts to decipher or tamper with Swomi’s softwares and services OR deceiving others into giving out credit card/banking information, social security numbers, or other personal data will be swiftly and aggressively corrected with all methods available to Swomi. Swomi reserves the right to all remedies.


Minors: If we find explicit content involving minors we’ll report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Copyrighted Content: Don’t infringe upon any copyright laws. Pretty simple.

Improper Use Of Swomi’s Property: Don’t use any of Swomi’s name(s) or logo without our permission.

If You Are To Receive Benefits or Commissions: Swomi uses Stripe to pay our members. Connecting to Stripe allows you to withdraw your Swomi Pocket balance. To learn how to set up connect Stripe to your Swomi account, follow these instructions here.

To protect the rest of the community, accounts that violate our Terms of Use will be suspended.

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