Content is a Journey

Below is an Example of A Simple Story about a Pirate and the S.S. GWall...
Expose a Viewer to an Idea, Brand, Product or Service

And this is where our Story begins...

"Yaar! The Flow is too Slow," screams Pedro the Pirate as his ship - the S.S. GWall sludges along a wave on the Swomi sea. Pedro needs his GWall ship on Auto Flows, his ship can only sail along the SLOW ocean Flows without Auto Flows. “Time to Upgrade the ol’ girl!” he says patting the S.S. GWall.
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He presses the UPGRADE Button and Auto Flows start on his ship’s dashboard... BOOM! The ship sputters and churns. Whirls and whistles. Automated robots scurry across the mast, the S.S. GWall Sails grow and swell along a gust of wind... a new Auto Flow engine rumbles, ready to go.
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Off to the Swomi Sea!

The new automated robots take hold of the wheel, hoist the sails, and catch the FAST ocean Flow. The S.S. GWall races off! The automated robots posts Pedro's content on the S.S. GWall Sails – images, videos, texts. Each post grows the GWall engine BIGGER and BETTER. Every image feeds the GWall engine. Best of all, this is all happening on its own like clockwork while Pedro takes a well-deserved nap on his hammock.
The Gwall engine runs faster and faster and every line of text drives it farther and faster. All along the FAST Flow zooms past people in their own rowboats, faces blurred, looking at Pedro’s Content. Enjoying and Sharing it!

All Aboard!

All along the FAST Flow zooms past people in their own rowboats, the automated robots send out rescue boats. The rescue boats fly back to the S.S. GWall ...crowds of people come out of the rescue boats. Auto Connect is working... They're here because they saw Pedro's Content, liked it, and want to get a closer look! It's a Content Party on the S.S. GWall now! Pedro receives major Bonuses for all the MicroBlog interaction everyone is having on his ship.
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How was this audience directed towards Pedro? The Auto Connect listens to what people want to see, and guides their rowboats along the Auto Flow’s currents. There, they find the type of content they want. (It sounds like magic but it really is nifty Automation Technology)

Smooth Sailing Ahead

In the middle of laughing at some anchor memes, the Party falls dead silent. Everyone stares overhead. “Yar, it be Perry the Parrot flying overhead! What’s that in his beak?”

Pedro’s Bonuses!

The Party goes wild and cheers! Perry comes like clockwork every month. “The most reliable Parrot a Captain’s ever had” A great big Bonus. Upgrading his S.S. GWall to the FAST flow really paid off! Pedro will certainly be splurging on his new eyepatch. Off to the next adventure for Pedro – smooth sailing ahead. The Content Party goes on...


Ever thought Too Much Money, No Idea Where to Start or Too Much Work?

Just Click on Perry the Parrot and see how Swomi can answer all your questions!
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A Brief Example of Using Content for
Exposure -> Discovery ->
Consideration -> Conversion

This is a simplified example of how unique content with a story can
drive Viewers to Customers, Members or Users...

Unique Content and Story
the Wrapping Paper!

Let Swomi Do All The Work with Automation!

The 4 Components of Our Solution



What's a MicroBlog without a bit of GWall boost? Rev your Collaboration into high gear finding other MicroBlogs with Gwall Automation Technology.



Promote your Product, Brand, or Service on MicroBlogs and GWall. MicroBlogs let your Content soar so far and wide, even Mobile Users will see you up there with the stars.


Auto Flow

The faster the Flow, the more people will see your MicroBlog! With GWall Swomi 3.0
Auto Flow Technology more visitors means more Audience. 


Auto Connect

People WILL see your Content with Content-Driven Marketing. Thanks to Swomi 3.0 Auto Connect Technology Viewers can become Members and Customers.


Your Can Also Earn Monthly Income from Your Content
Bonuses and Content Rebates

What People say about their-Swomi-Adventures

Dewey Hall


It’s been SO easy and I’m actually having FUN running my Travel Agent business. NOW, clients come to ME :) My dreams of traveling the world through my Travel Agency business are starting to become a reality!

Perry Larson


I just let my MicroBlog run on automation and I’m earning while going to work, sleeping, and with my family. No extra work needed! My next goal is earning enough to buy a new Car!

Lorenzo Pope


You can benefit from a MicroBlog with your Personal Content too! I share really cute Content about my dog Milo. Sign up for Swomi Annual subscription!

What You'll Discover

Swomi Auto Connect & Auto Flow Easy as 1-2-3

Making Complex ”Simple and Automated”!

Gives your business the Power of Automated Content-Driven Marketing
like the World’s Biggest Brands.

Deliver effective messages to your contacts, to convert them from visitors to customers.

Work smarter by automating repetitive tasks.

Your Audience is Curated so people who want to see your content are matched to your MicroBlog

Remind potential buyers to complete their abandoned order.

Trigger actions based on contact behaviors.

Discover who is visiting your website most often.

Deliver outstanding onboarding experiences that will wow customers.

Identify your hottest leads and target them with personalized discounts and offers.

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