Income Disclosure

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019

Swomi is NOT an income opportunity. Swomi is a technology company that is providing the infrastructure for you to build a better tracking and monetization process. With its many features and functions it fundamentally builds on existing trends including automation and AI. These technologies are going to make things like funnels, shopping carts and websites obsolete. We are only entering the market with a first stage product and will release more of the more powerful features as the market absorbs this stage.

We are asked about what types of income are possible for people using Swomi. This depends on what type of business you are in and what you're selling. We are the driver of intelligent traffic. In the past the traffic to your idea, brand or passion was intrusive and took away instead of adding to your digital life. We took the other view, that you were the most valueable part of the equation.

You are not a product as most companies see you, you are the creator and as that deserve the rewards that have so long escaped users. We have developed technology that focuses on maximizing opportunities for all parts of the digital content equation. It has great value beyond the price of your data. The real value is the audience it draws to other products and services.

To understand this better here is an example of what ContentSignals© can do for content and part of our vision.

  • Content link signals to form can increase results over 100% promoting a product or service alone.

  • Content with upsell links and signals can increase results 100% or more promoting a product or service alone.

  • Content with link signals of savings or discount coupons can increase results 100% when promoting a product or service alone.

  • Content with all 3 link signals in their pipeline (order form, upsell, and discount) can increase results over 500% when promoting a product or service.

So content can drive sales. Content driven marketing with automation and AI can drive monetization.

Pipelines versus Funnels

Funnels are complicated to operate and setup. Piplines is automated are simple to setup and one step to activate. Intelligent pipelines are simple to setup and powerful in all aspects of the internet commerce value chain.

Swomi is focused on technology. It is powerful technology and we are building systems to make sure it is not used inappropriately. These include the communities guidelines.

We look forward to working with you on this new and existing future. And making a new Content Lifestyle with ContentSignals© and you :)

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