You & Swomi

We started with the idea that content could deliver value to the creator.

Empower your online experience.

A platform doing all the work 24/7.

The platform is Swomi, the technology ContentSignals©.

The reason... YOU!

The Reason YOU!

The Journey Begins...

The Humble Beginnings and Journey of Swomi

The Journey, The Why and Content Technology

We are focused on how YOU can and should benefit from your content at every moment.

Value and exposure for your idea, brand or passion.

We deliver the technical experience and knowledge necessary.

You deliver the We!

Channels Build Teams


Images, video, games, audio, all online digital content can create value.

ContentSignals© with AI, Automation and Monetization


Ranking, social, content, influence and behavior are part of the algorithm and technology.

Start Now! for Cross Market Success!

Automation & AI

Networking, opportunities, value can all be automated for 24/7 monetization of your content.

Cron Job Starts