Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
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What is Swomi?
Swomi Group International, Ltd ("Swomi," we," us") is an "experience” based content driven marketing technology with monetization features where Users can connect links, channels, pipelines, syndication, streams, networks, communications, and other digital media and data to dynamically track, increase and optimize metrics for ideas, brands, passions, products and services.

What does "Swomi" mean?
Swomi is an acronym that stands for “Social Word Of Mouth Indexing”

What is Content?
It is digital or online media including images, sounds, video and games. Almost anything you do online is content which creates data.

Here’s a secret…
No matter what you’ve been told, there is no such thing as BAD CONTENT (excluding that outlined in our Communities Guidelines). ALL Content is valuable - whether it's your personal content, automated interactions created by ContentSignals© or curated content provided by others. Swomi shows you what is possible TODAY with Automation.

What is the Swomi "WHY"?
Swomi is ALL about people. We believe in building lasting relationships offline and online. People deserve value for their content at the same time. Swomi is the leader in adding these benefits to your everyday Online Activities.

What is Content-Driven versus Content Marketing?
Content-driven marketing is a strategy and in our case an algorithm to optimize marketing opportunities for YOU! Using content strategies to reach and engage with audiences that are important to your Idea, Brand or Passion. To achieve your goals, including customers, prospects, recruit employees and more. It’s a commitment to give first, before you get.

Do I have to pay to use this site?
Swomi is a subscription based platform to pay for the services we deliver to promote your Idea, Brand or Passion and take advantage of our network and technology. It is the cost of a managed website with many differences and advantages including monetization.

Do I need Facebook or Twitter to sign up for Swomi?

Can anyone join?
Yes – all you need is an account and to be over the age of 13 and parental authority if less than 18 years of age.

Is it OK to Create Multiple Accounts?

How Do I Create an Account on the Swomi Platform?
Pick your subscription level. Choose a theme or category, connect and create your SwomiBUZZ Flyer, and rest is automated!

What are ContentSignals©?
It is a technology that follows the amount of engagement and interaction in your online network and optimizes potential monetization opportunities through cross marketing and other content driven marketing methods. Value and reach are accelerated when the content is syndicated through other Team members.

Ranking, social, content, influence and behavior are all part of the ContentSignals© algorithm and technology.

Audiences & Monetization
Swomi leverages the power of specific and dedicated audiences with automated content driven monetization technology.

What are the Benefits and Value I receive for Subscribing with Swomi?

In a broad sense here are some of the benefits:

  • Give value back to you as a member for your content.
  • Deliver an automation technology to expose your Idea, Brand or Passion. This exposes products or services to a new network.
  • Experience the power of an automated marketing content-driven technology previously only available to the select few.

Does Swomi have a mobile app?
Yes, we are currently testing and will release soon! :)

How Do You Search Swomi?
The best source of articles is the SwomiBUZZ.com eZine. Explore, discover and search for stories, creators, collections and communities.

Why is Swomi a Dynamic Platform?
The Swomi platform is dynamic as it uses AI so it is proactively look for opportunities for your content every second 24/7.

How good is Swomi’s SEO? Will it perform better than my own Blog?
SEO as a practice and method to drive monetization is somewhat limited because of the model the internet currently uses to remunerate users. In terms of SEO, ContentSignals© is different as it is broader and more focused on finding opportunities versus waiting for an audience.

ContentSignals© provides automated technology to get your message to a broader audience. SEO prepares you for an audience you have to attract or find. Much more expensive and time consuming than Swomi ContentSignals©.

Where can I find Swomi's Resource Section?
On the footer is a link called Help Center.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?
Yes we have an Affiliate and Ambassador program. You can request to become a member of either by sending in a request here to Affiliates and Ambassadors.

Where are Swomi's Terms and policies?
Our ToS & Privacy Policy are available in here and here. The Policies link is here.

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