Payments and Subscriptions

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
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Do you save my credit card information?
No. We do not Store your credit card information. Ever. We cannot and do not access or view your credit card information. Your credit card information is saved via our Payment providers, Stripe or PayPal, for an added layer of security. The only reason your card information is stored by Stripe or Paypal is so your card can be automatically charged each month on your subscription date.

Is there a Benefit to Paying Annually?
YES! There are discounts of 20% to 35% when you pay annually. Inquire here.

What can I expect to see when I subscribe and sign up for a SwomiBUZZ Flyer with ContentSignals©?
You will receive your own SwomiBUZZ Flyer that is connected to ContentSignals© technology including automation, syndication, optimization, monetization... and more! In your account you will see analytics showing your results in realtime.

What does SwomiBUZZ Flyer with ContentSignals© mean for you?
More people viewing your SwomiBUZZ Flyer! Limitless benefits including traffic, leads, exposure, branding, engagement, monetization and conversions

What kind of Channels and Businesses work with Swomi?
SwomiBUZZ Flyer’s work well with any type of business, online or offline - whether you sell an Idea, Brand or Passion or just Yourself it will get the message out and look for opportunities to add value and benefits into your account.

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a platform for online payments–that's what Swomi uses to process payments. It can also be used to pay commission and benefits from signals!

When you’re ready to withdraw your benefits or affiliate commissions - which you can do whenever you’ve accumulated $50 or more in you Swomi Pocket, Stripe will transfer the money directly into your bank account.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. No worries, there are no extra fees to cancel your account. There is a 3 month commitment once you subscribe. After that it is a simple submit a ticket to cancel your subscription.

We do not offer refunds as we are activating new services the first day of the subscription period and more. But you may cancel your subscription at any time with no additional or hidden fees.

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