Content and Moderation

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
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Content Moderation
Once you submit your content you wish to publish publicly, it is reviewed through an automated systems and sent to a team of moderators. They'll either approve and publish your content or send it back for updates. We do not publish everything that is submitted if it does not meet our quality standards.

Submission Guidelines
Don't forget to check this list before you submit.

In order to submit your content to a site, you need to have a:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Media
  • Written Content
  • Please be sure that your content fits within one of the categories

What happens if my content is not published?
We’ll send you a notification explaining why your content was not published with a description of the reason so you can re-submit according to the guidelines.

If your content does not follow any these guidelines it will be rejected and sent back to you for edits.

The content should not contain:

  • Plagiarized content.
  • Inappropriate material, nudity, or NSFW content.
  • Content that does not fit within the subject matter of the category.
  • Content that does not meet quality standards.
  • Content includes copyrighted material.
  • Content is published elsewhere without authorized curation or open content status.
  • Content asserts or implies personal attributes or beliefs.
  • Images do not meet quality standards.
  • Article in English are quicker to process.

What are the stages of review of my content?
From drafts to published - we explain the stages of Swomi review process.

  • Your Content is submitted in "draft" form and submitted to the moderators.
  • Upon "submitting" your Content, it goes into the queue for the moderators.
  • When the moderators have begun the review process, it will say "pending" next to your Content.
  • When your Content is "approved", it will move from "Pending" to "Published". Your Content is now live! Click on the content to access its' URL.
  • If your post is not approved you will receive a notification and an email explaining what should be changed in order to re-submit.

Where will my work be published?
When you connect your Content to the Swomi platform you have the ability to choose which category, genre or specific community your content is focused. After moderation is complete automation and ContentSignals© will ensure your Content connects to the right place at the right time.

What is "Content Authority"
It is important to ensure that one single source is the authority for your Content. In our moderation process we do not accept content that we find to be duplicate content (posted on another site that is not curated without authorization). Unique, never-before-published content performs best.

How will My Content be Promoted?
Your content will be promoted through channels, pipelines and syndication methods that enable ContentSignals© technology.

Content Moderation Notification
Along with a notification stating the reason(s) for which your Content is disapproved, you'll receive a note from our Moderators adding more detail about the reason.

If you receive a notification including one of these disapproval reasons, please adjust your content and resubmit. Once your Content meets these standards, your Content can be published!

How long until my Content Post is approved?
Our team of moderators will normally approve or deny your content within 24 hours of submission.

Can moderators make changes to my submitted publication?
Moderators can make minor changes to your Content to assist including grammar. If it’s anything major they will send you a notification and include what needs to be changed in order for your Content to be approved.

Can I delete a post that is published that I chose from one of Swomi’s Channels for my account?
You are not able to delete Content that is already published from your account. You are able to delete a draft. If you wish to delete Content that is published please contact us through our Ticket customer support.

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