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Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
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"I'm too busy…" Think if you just had more free time in the day, you could finally make your dreams come true?

We know everyone is busy. And that's why we Automated so many of the functions in Swomi- to help everyone benefit while we go about doing what we need to do in our lives.

Swomi helps you Do Less and Earn More.!!

"It's too much work to even try…" Tired of wasting time and money on just trying things with little or no results? ContentSignals© does all the heavy lifting for you with Automation Technology, because we’ve created it so the setup is ready to go. Just choose your them and category, update your Flyer with images, texts, or links and press GO!

Audiences will continue viewing your SwomiBUZZ Flyer and ContentSignals© will be looking for new opportunities automatically 24/7. You don't even need to login! You can receive updates by email or text.

"I don't believe I can do it…" Think you don’t have what it takes or the internet-savvy to achieve your goals?


Our SwomiBUZZ Flyers are as easy as creating a profile. Swomi platform is for EVERYONE from stay-at-home-moms to digital entrepreneurs. If they can do it, why can’t you? With our membership/subscription you have the full Swomi Community to support you and help you accomplish your goals.

"I don't need this right now... the timing is wrong…" Ask yourself, When is the right time? if I retire early,save up enough money, quit my job cause I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, would you then pursue those dreams you’ve always had?

Well guess what - Everyone is Busy! The faster you get started, the faster you will reach those aspirations.

Here’s some tough love advice: waiting around for the right moment is the fastest way to fail… try a SwomiBUZZ Flyer and see the results for yourself.

"My business is different... I don't know how Swomi will work for me…" Have you tried every tactic, strategy, webinar, tip, and trick out there on the internet?

Still not getting the results you were hoping for?

Swomi is the platform you really need to give a try. Simple, well-thought out steps, out of the box it starts to go to work.

You receive the tools that only large internet corporations had access to. With these new tools, YOU are able to create value with content never before possible.

"I Need To Know Design Or Need To Hire An Expensive Designer To Build My SwomiBUZZ Flyer…" Not a design expert, or don’t have money to collaborate with a designer?

Swomi templates and themes make it easy to customize your SwomiBUZZ Flyer, so it can look as sleek and amazing as you imagine it. Best of all, it’s easy and fun! So you just choose and go.

“I Don’t Understand Programming… I Can’t’ Hire An Expensive One To Build What I Need…” Are you excited to start, but become quickly disappointed when you realize you aren’t a programmer, have no interest in learning programming, and can’t hire an expensive programmer to build your dream?

Swomi literally takes the headache away from the need for a programmer 100%. Just choose...drop...and put stuff where you want!

"I Don't Have Enough Traffic To Make Real Money…” Do you throw your content on the internet only to just watch it… sit there?

Here’s a matter what you’ve been told, there is no such thing as BAD CONTENT (excluding that outlined in our Communities Guidelines). ALL Content is valuable - whether it's your personal content, automated interactions created by ContentSignals© or content you provide. Swomi shows you what was impossible yesterday is is possible TODAY.

Remember “Your Words Have Worth!”

"There's too much competition…" Competition is a GOOD thing! It means people are spending money and buying things. Whatever it is being offered using SwomiBUZZ Flyer, you’ll be able to quickly get your message in front of those people who are already buying… to expose YOUR idea, brand or passion.

"I Don’t Know If My Idea, Brand Or Passion Message Will Sell…” Want to know the best way to find out if ContentSignals© and SwomiBUZZ Flyer will work? Try it!

You can’t know if what you’re offering will sell if you don’t try. Test out a freshly brewed Idea, Brand, or Passion to increase your exposure and sales for your product or services.

"I've tried Web Marketing in the Past but it didn't Work…" Funnel Smunnel….don’t get caught in a Funnel Tunnel!

Here’s the truth: not every first try will make you rich. Just like the pirates who didn’t find their treasure on their first sail… you might not have crazy success on your first Try!

BUT, if you have the right mindset and perseverance to overcome roadblocks then you will be very successful.

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