Getting Started

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
Click on Swomi Logo for Home Page

How Does Swomi Work?
Swomi is a syndication and monetization platform for ALL content and content creators, everyday peeps, to share their message using a SwomiBUZZ Flyer to create an engaged audience and get compensated. We offer over a billion potential viewers to enable the process of syndication and monetization!

What Browsers Does Swomi Support?
All browsers that are currently up-to-date are supported by Swomi. If you are using older versions of browsers, please update them for the optimal Swomi experience.

I forgot my password :(
Have no fear! In order to reset your password, please follow the instructions here.

User menu
The ContentSignals© App Menu is where you go to find the most essential and useful tools for navigating and using Swomi.

You can access the user menu by clicking on the application icons in the upper right corner of the screen. From the App Menu, you can navigate to:

  • Dashboard
  • Invite
  • Flyer
  • Signals
  • Team
  • Pocket
  • Support
  • Account

How do I Invite others?
In your application account click on Invite icon and the page will come up. Enter an email address and the system will send them an invite. You will be able to see whether they have clicked on the email or responded to your invite in that Invite section.

Adding and Changing your SwomiBUZZ Flyer
To add or change your flyer, click the "SwomiBUZZ Flyer" icon from the App Menu on your account. Once in Flyer there is a box dropdown link on your Flyer profile "Edit Profile" and you can edit all parts of your SwomiBUZZ Flyer. Click "save changes" and your new SwomiBUZZ Flyer will be updated by TeamSWOMI.

Add or Change Your SwomiBUZZ Flyer Profile Picture
To change your SwomiBUZZ Flyer profile image go to your SwomiBUZZ Flyer and click on "Edit Profile" and upload your new images.

How Do I Upload a Different Description Photo in My SwomiBUZZ Flyer?
To change your SwomiBUZZ Flyer background image go to your Flyer and click on "Edit Profile" and upload your new images.

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