Automation, Syndication and Monetization

Effective Date: Mar 8th, 2019
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What is Automation & Intelligence?
Intelligent automation improves scalability exponentially, while driving customer satisfaction, employee performance and business results. This technology facilitates automation with email, ads, content, social media and search engines.

How does Marketing Automation work?
Marketing automation is a process of systems that function and adjust to a dynamic workflow.

What is Syndication?
It is used to maximize the reach and engagement of content through multiple Channels.

To syndicate your SwomiBUZZ Flyer Content to outside networks we use Pipelines through existing Channels. Swomi technology syndicates content through many channels automatically using Content Driven technology!

What is Aggregation & De-Identification?
We also use de-identified or aggregated information with third parties and advertisers so we can measure the effectiveness of any content or advertisements viewed in connection with our Sites and audiences.

For example this information may provide the number of users who clicked on or viewed specific content or advertisements, and viewer’s preferences for those types of content.

We also use such aggregated information to modify our Services for better performance. Aggregated information is also used in the ContentSignals© algorithm for automated decision making and profiling.

What are Digital Pipelines?
Digital Pipelines are network paths that transmit digital content and permit tracking of metrics and the flow of content. Swomi delivers methods to drive this content through Channels and looks for monetization opportunities or cross marketing flows where the content can record engagement and remuneration much like CPM.

What are Channels?
They are platforms that can be used to provide ideas, brands, passions for engagement with products or services to provide conversion opportunities. Subscribers pick a category that relates their topic to give the platform a head start finding new opportunities and audiences. The types of audiences will be different depending on the Channels.

What is Content Monetization
Opportunities to convert content to remuneration and benefits through tracking of engagement flow with ContentSignals© technology.

What are Content Signals and the ContentSignals© technology?
They are pushed throughout the network to find content monetization opportunities for your Content. It connects your SwomiBUZZ Flyer to audiences interested in your content.

The process of finding and connecting ideas, and brands or passions that create interest in your product or service is at the core of the technology. This provide many unique opportunities to cross market while creating an automated marketing workflow with content driven technology.

How is Monetization Calculated?
Swomi's system calculates based on the amount of “engagement” or “interaction” your content receives. Swomi's algorithm optimizes engagement on your content and assigns it value like a CPM (cost per thousand) rate. Therefore, content with more engagement and interaction earns more benefits or value.

What is the CPM rate?
Swomi's algorithm tracks engagement on your Content and assigns a type of CPM rate.

One type of monetization technique we use is similar to advertising CPM metrics. The specific amount of these type of CPM rates is based on engagement. The rate is competitive or better than advertising firms in most cases as we are optimizing all opportunities to deliver benefits for the Member.

What Types of Benefits are available on Swomi?
Monetization is available for all users of Swomi! There are several different ways to receive these benefits and many types of benefits.

Benefits Include Increased:

  • traffic
  • leads
  • exposure
  • branding
  • engagement
  • monetization
  • conversions

All SwomiBUZZ Flyers are monetized in your account – and the ContentSignals© App allows you to view how many “signals” each of your pieces receive (the simple engagement your Content receives). The Enterprise version provides detail for different networks and signal metrics including keywords.

How are Signals defined?
They are the backbone of the internet. They provide the information that only big companies have now to make money on you as a product. These include preferences, like, wants, shares and other data used to control your navigation. Swomi uses non-identifiable aggregation technology to enable content driven technology for your SwomiBUZZ Flyer without compromising your remuneration or personal identity.

What is the difference between “Signals” and “Clicks”?
Notice how we count "signals" and not "clicks". Our proprietary algorithm has private engagement and interaction algorithm at heart. We reward you for the quality content of your SwomiBUZZ Flyer based on how our network consumes and responds to it.

How do I Withdraw Benefits in Cash?
In order to withdraw your benefits in cash you'll need to connect Stripe to your Pocket. Learn how to do that here.

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a platform for online payments–that's what Swomi uses to process payments. It can also be used to pay commission and benefits from signals!

When you’re ready to withdraw your benefits or affiliate commissions - which you can do whenever you’ve accumulated $50 or more in you Swomi Pocket, Stripe will transfer the money directly into your bank account.

My Country isn't supported by Stripe. What do I do?
If your country currently is not supported by Stripe, please check Stripe Global's website for updates and additions.

Swomi will continue to explore and add new payment options in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

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